Mizuho Ikakogyo Takes Top Prize at MEDTEC Japan Innovation Awards

Mizuho Ikakogyo’s HyperEye Medical System.

Tokyo-based maker of surgical tables Mizuho Ikakogyo received top honours at the MEDTEC Japan Innovation Awards for its HyperEye Medical System, a visualisation device for surgeons. The achievements of Yamashina Seiki, Rohm and Zeon Medical were also recognised by the programme, now in its second year. The winners were announced on the first day of the two-day MEDTEC Japan event, which was held in Tokyo on 24 and 25 April.

The HyperEye Medical System simultaneously displays images and video taken under visible- and near infrared–light conditions, facilitating lymph node identification and confirmation of blood flow during surgical procedures. The device was developed with input from doctors, including Takayuki Sato, a professor at the Department of Cardiovascular Control, Kochi University Medical School. It combines the company’s proprietary technology with megapixel CCD image sensor technology developed by Sanyo Semiconductor Co.

“We awarded the grand prize to Mizuho because it captured the needs of cardiovascular specialists and teamed up with a company from a totally different industry to develop [a device] that it could not have [produced] on its own,” Yoshiyuki Taenaka, co-chair of the awards committee, toldMEDTEC Medical Device Magazine Japan after the ceremony.

Other award recipients included the following companies:

Award for Outstanding Challenger

Yamashina Seiki Co., a maker of machine tools for marine equipments, embraced risk in the development of suction catheters.

Award for Great Potential

Rohm Co., a maker of chips for mobile phones and other digital devices, developed a blood analysis system. B-analyst performs rapid, high-accuracy measurement of a single drop of blood using liquid reagents and µTAS (Micro Total Analysis System).

Award for Outstanding Effort

Zeon Medical Inc., a maker of cardiovascular devices, has developed balloon catheters for the removal of gallstones.

Incentive Awards

Top Corp., a manufacturer of syringes and other medical devices, has developed endoscope valves with a de-airing feature.

Niti-on Co., a maker of stainless steel instruments, has developed clips and forceps that reduce the number of instruments required to perform laparoscopic procedures.

Murata Manufacturing Co., a supplier of parts for mobile phones and computers, has developed a simple system to detect the presence of microscopic substances by means of a metal mesh device.

Fujifilm Corp., a company better known for photographic supplies, has developed a remote imaging support system for diagnostics and treatment. It enables transmission of patient data, including imaging results, from a hospital to remotely located specialists via smartphone.

Images of the winners and their devices can be viewed on the MEDTEC Japan website; however, the “Eight Finalists” article is only available only in Japanese.

The MEDTEC Japan Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and reward local companies developing innovative medical devices that reduce suffering, treat previously untreatable conditions, extend lives and improve public health.

The programme is organised by UBM Canon.